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WPLytic 1.3.0 (10 November 2023)
  Dashboard performance improvements, ability to expand pages visited list and bug fixes.

 === New ===
   Added a way to expand the list of visited pages in the visitors list.

 === Improvements ===
   Considerably improved multiple-domains overview loading performance.

 === Bug Fixes ===
   Fixed number of visited pages count being incorrect in the visitors list when many pages (10+) were visited in a single session.
   Fix percentages display overlapping bar in top pages/countries charts.
WPLytic 1.2.0 (27 September 2023)
  A big (mostly invisible for now) code upgrade to React v18 and Material UI v5.
  Updating to the latest versions of React and MUI not only makes the platform more future-proof, but it also improves the performance and usability of the platform. 

 === New ===
  Added pt-BR language (thanks to Rodrigo for submitting it).

 === Improvements ===
  Updated interface to MUI V5.
  Updated internal React to v18 and TypeScript to the latest versions.
  Replaced DateRangePicker to the PRO one from MUIX.
  Reduced total dashboard app size (by upgrading the ParcelJS bundler to the latest version).
  Various small UI fixes and improvements. The UI will be improved even further in v5 (Note: some small UI inconsistencies might still be noticed from the current transition to the new UI framework version).
  Better date range picker intervals.
  Upgrade internal build package (ParcelJS) to latest version.
  Improved domain selector logic/performance.
  Updated Country and City GeoIP databases for more accurate geolocation.
  Use wp-load.php instead of wp-config.php for database connection, as some managed hosting providers don't provide proper wp-config.php files.
WPLytic 1.1.0 (10 March 2023)
 Improved admin privacy within the dashboard by either eliminating 3rd party requests or adding the option to disable them.

 === New ===
  Settings->Privacy - Disable domain favicon loading - Option to disable loading of domains favicons from
  Settings->Privacy - Disable new version check - Option to stop the request made on dashboard load to the WPLytic license server that checks whether a new version is available or not.

 === Improvements ===
  Replaced dashboard Inter Google Font with local font files.
  Replaced dashboard Material Icons Google Font with local font file.